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“il Vetrario” in Cordenons (Pordenone) was founded by Antonio Buttignol 40 years ago. He is still running the company together with his son ruggero and his daughter Sara Valentina.

Albeit a small artisan craft operation, the business has continuously kept up to date over the years and invested in research, technology and market visibility, positioning itself in both the national and international scene as a Source of excellence in the field.

The company designs and supplies the furniture industry with doors, glass panels, table tops, mirrors and other glass accessories.

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ruggero entered the family business at a young age and enhanced his father’s production experience with his innovative approach and use of the new technologies.

After Sara Valentina’s extensive experience as Marketing manager of a renowned interior design company, in 2003 she decided to join to the family fi rm to expand the artistic and creative sector of the business. With the technical support of her brother and father and the consultancy of prominent fashion designers, she has designed and launched the “Home Style Collection” (fashionable and eye-catching glass panels for the most discerning clientele).

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each door/panel is manufactured using fi rst class materials: glass made in italy, precious textiles, imaginative “murrine” (decorated gems of Murano glass and 24-carat gold which are produced in house) and original Swarovski crystals.

For the stainless steel, aluminum and wood accessories, “il Vetraio” employs artisans (master carpenters and smiths) and selected suppliers to preserve the uniqueness and the high standards of the bespoke production process.

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each glass panel and glass door has unique features, as each and every one is hand made; every piece comes with a guarantee of its originality.